ECLSO 49th Major Congress ,on September 2nd and 3rd 2022, at the Novotel Tour Eiffel, 61, Quai de Grenelle, Paris, face-to-face

Please find the following contributions in this 23rd NewsletterI. ECLSO and the Covid-19 situationII. Looking back at 2021III. Looking forward into 2022
I. ECLSO and the Covid-19 situation
Dear ECLSO Friends and Colleagues,2021 was dominated, once again, by Covid-19, and it affected all of us in our personal and professional lives.The ECLSO Praesidium members express their sympathy for all who suffered in this pandemic.We did, however, learn some lessons from the predicament. Used to travelling around the world to attend congresses and meetings, we started making presentations from our home desks or in our offices. This enabled us to even attend more meetings, but the downside has been the absolute lack of face to face contact, the recognition of a question in the eye of a colleague and friend without him/her having to ask.This is one of the reasons why ECLSO has decided to try and go live for it on September 2nd and 3rd 2022, inviting you all to 49th Major Congress at the Novotel Tour Eiffel, 61, Quai de Grenelle, Paris.REGISTRATION is open from April 2022 through the find the full preliminary programme on the ECLSO website: www.eclso.euMain themes are the medical applications of Contact Lenses (Sclerals, Specialty Lenses, Soft Contact Lenses), Myopia Management (presentation by world renowned professionals), Infectious Keratitis and Ocular Surface Disease.In collaboration with the Société Française d’Ophtalmologie (SFOALC) the ECLSO focuses on attracting young ophthalmologists and contact lens professionals. On day 1 a full instructional course on Contactology for young colleagues is planned in French, and on day 2 a similar course will be transmitted in English.ECLSO is an old respected Society, that can only live on through the support of the newer generations.This is a Newsletter, so don’t be shy to respond to it!
II. Looking back at 2021
– June 18th 2021: ECLSO participated with a panel in the first European Dry Eye Congress, organised online by Prof Christophe Baudouin (F).
Presentations: Contact Lens Discomfort – Ömür Uçakhan (Turkey), Therapeutic Soft Contact Lenses – Andrena McElvanney (UK), Scleral Lenses – Carina Koppen (B), Infectious Keratitis – Parwez Hossein (UK).- September 4th 2021: instead of the 49th Major Congress ECLSO organised a successful Webinar with over 300 participants.
Speakers for the keratoconus session were Damien Gatinel (F), Farhad Hafezi (CH), Carina Koppen (B), Theo Seiler jr (CH), Alfonso Oviedo (SP).
For the webinar on myopia management we had top speakers: Caroline Klaver (NL), Noel A. Brennan (USA) and Virginie Madariaga (F).KeratoconusMyopia-panel– November 27th 2021: During the Romanian Annual Congress of the Contact Lens and Ocular Surface Society (RCLSO), the scientific team of our Society focused on the topic “Myopia Management”. In his presentation about Current Concepts in the use of Atropine in Myopia Control, René Mély made reference to the Atom 1 and Atom 2 studies and the Hong Kong Lamp Study. Andrena McElvanney evaluated the balance between genetic and environmental risk factors for the development of Myopia, based on the White Paper of the International Myopia Institute. Cornelius Berzas lively described how his originally sceptical attitude towards Orthokeratology turned into the opposite by the experiences in his private practice.
As a finale Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz made a synthesis of our knowledge on the topic with a focus on the every day practice.Thank you, Prof Adriana Stanila, for inviting us !!Sibiu-1Sibiu-2
III.Looking forward into 2022
Apart from organising the ECLSO Major Congress on September 2nd and 3rd, ECLSO has been invited to the following Symposia and Webinars (live, hybrid or online):– 10th February 2022 online: The Iranian Society of Ophthalmology (IRSO), Speakers : Marie-Caroline Trône (F), Carina Koppen (B), Ömür Uçakhan (Turkey), Fateme Alipour (Iran), Shehzad Naroo (UK), Mohammad Soleymani (Iran).– 24th – 26th May 2022 online: Ukrainian Ophthalmology Congress – Myopia Management presented by ECLSO Members.– 11th – 12th June 2022: Dry Eye Symposium Paris, organised by Prof C. Baudouin in Paris.– 4th – 6th November 2022: Adriana Stanila invites ECLSO to Sibiu (Romania) to organise a session on Keratoconus Management.We will also be contributing to the online 2022 edition of the World Ophthalmology Congress which will take place online. Stay with us, we are welcoming all of you to our Symposia and panel meetings.But don’t forget to save the date of our 49th Major Congress in Paris:
September 2nd and 3rd, Novotel Tour Eiffel.Stay healthy and see you soon !


Carina Koppen, MDÖmür Uçakhan-Gunduz , MDSecretary-General
Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz , MD