In memoriam

Prof. Dr. Benone Carstocea

September 6, 1948 – October 11, 2011 President of the Romanian Society of Ophthalmology 1996 – 2011

Educated in the military spirit and rigor, Professor Benone Carstocea did his apprenticeship in ophthalmology at the Central Military Hospital Bucharest, where he continued his activity, successfully promoting all hierarchical ranks, becoming head of clinic and professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest.

Throughout his entire and brilliant medical and university career, Professor Benone Carstocea was animated by the desire for continuous improvement, by the unconditional attachment to patients, by the care to help young people in their professional development.

He introduced the ocular-orbital echography and angiofluororetonography and was a pioneer in the use of lasers in ophthalmology, collaborated permanently with the Romanian Institute of Atomic Physics, in the development of prototypes of laser disruptor with YAG -ND and photo-coagulator of Romanian production, as well as the laser scalpel with sapphire tip and carbon dioxide or the dye laser pumped with azote.

Inventive, combative and constructive spirit, Professor Benone Carstocea dedicated a good part of his professional career to a very difficult chapter in ocular pathology, namely, vitreoretinal pathology.

He promoted a pioneering activity in this field and achieved remarkable successes, opening a new and promising path for the young generations. Equipped with the skills of a researcher and innovator, Professor Benone Carstocea has distinguished himself, both nationally and internationally, as a strong and respected personality.